A Country Club Wedding: Some Advantage

Engagement is an exciting time of planning your wedding and dreaming of your future with your loved one. You want your venue to reflect the beauty and promise of your love.

You have many venues from which to choose, from a traditional wedding in a church to a quiet wedding at the justice of the peace to a celebration held in a reception hall or event space.  

However, if you want to create a truly unforgettable wedding and reception, you may want to consider planning your wedding at a country club.

Here is a look at some of the reasons we see couples choosing to hold their special day at Tiger Pointe Country Club.

Beautiful Surroundings  

Your love is beautiful, so your wedding should be, as well, and that means you need a stunning space where you can make your vows and celebrate with your loved ones.

A country club is known for its perfectly manicured grounds. Rolling hills covered in well-kept green carpets of grass, perfectly placed trees, and trimmed bushes all create a breathtaking backdrop against which you can make your vows.

Choose a country club if you want gorgeous surroundings for your ceremony and/or wedding pictures.

You will also need to make sure that the club you choose allows you access to its grounds for ceremonies and/or pictures.

At Tiger Pointe, we delight in helping couples to celebrate their love on our stunning grounds. We look forward to discussing how our beautiful surroundings might serve as the backdrop for your celebration of your beautiful love.

Indoor/Outdoor Space  

What if you plan a beautiful outdoor wedding, only to wake up to rain? What if your backup venue just doesn’t have the visual appeal you desire? What if you want to enjoy an indoor celebration and an outdoor ceremony?

If you require both indoor and outdoor space for your wedding, you may want to choose a country club.

Country clubs usually offer both beautiful grounds and beautiful event spaces that you can take advantage of while beginning your married life.

This combination of spaces gives you flexibility when choosing how to arrange your wedding. Hold your wedding outside and use the indoor space as a stunning backup venue. Get married outside and celebrate inside. Use the event center for an indoor wedding, and have your wedding photos taken outside.

Perhaps best of all, you can have your entire wedding in one location. No more hunting for a reception venue after your wedding, making sure everyone has directions to the reception, or worrying about fitting a small reception into your wedding venue.

Here at Tiger Pointe, for example, our golf courses and grounds are the perfect backdrop to your photos and ceremony, while our event space boasts stunning indoor space for all or part of your wedding and reception.

Flexibility can relieve pressure on your important day and allow you to arrange the celebration of your dreams without adding logistical or budgetary concerns.

With appropriate space for your wedding, no matter your style or the weather, a country club provides the ideal location to guarantee a wonderful and memorable start to your married life.

Spacious Event Centers  

The event center is often the reason a country club can provide you with beautiful indoor and outdoor areas for your wedding.

The best event center for your wedding is a space that is large enough to accommodate all your guests and beautiful enough to serve as the location for your wedding and your reception if you choose.

Here at Tiger Pointe, we finished constructing our 9,500 square foot event center in 2019. Its new, modern interior is both spacious and well-appointed. Fit up to ____ people for your wedding or reception and even leave room for dancing.

With a large space to fit as many guests as you desire, you can begin planning a celebration that includes everyone you want to have by your side during one of the most important days in your life.

Abundant Amenities  

If the wedding is one of the most wonderful times in your life, planning the wedding can be one of the most stressful. If you must undertake all of the arrangements for your special day, you may experience unnecessary pressure as the big day approaches.

Many country clubs can alleviate your concerns by providing amenities that make your wedding planning tasks easier and less stressful.

For example, an event coordinator from the country club can simplify the process of making reservations, planning the day’s schedule, following the country club’s protocols, and handling other details of the big day.

In addition, a country club wedding can provide you with other amenities, including the following:

  • Access to a catering kitchen
  • Access to a clubhouse
  • Access to bridal party accommodations
  • And More

Here at Tiger Pointe, our event center includes a catering kitchen so you can enjoy a delicious meal with your guests. In addition, we provide access to our historic Major Dunbar house on the campus of DePauw University.

This 4-bedroom guest house can sleep up to 9 guests, creating ideal quarters for your bridal party.

If you want to enjoy a wedding you won’t forget, choose a country club like Tiger Pointe. Our beautiful grounds, indoor/outdoor space, event center, amenities, and more give you everything you need to put together the day of your dreams.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about our venue and find out how we can help you put together a wonderful day.